Data Demon Privacy Policy


Company Information

    Data Demon is a fire station record management software produced by Blue Devil Data located at 2615 State Route 80 Lafayette, New York 13084. If you have any question contact customer service at



    1. Data Demon has requested your permission to access your Gmail account. By granting permission you will be allowing Data Demon to read, send, and delete email from your Gmail account.
    2. You can revoke permission at any time through your Gmail security settings.
    3. No person under the age of 18 should grant permission to Data Demon.



    1. Data Demon will be accessing your inbox containing your incidents received from your county’s 911 center.
    2. After downloading your incidents, Data Demon will mark all email from your inbox as read.
    3. Data Demon will send email to NFIRS (National Fire Reporting System) on your behalf using your Gmail account.


    Data Collection

    1. Collecting incident data from your inbox that is received from your county’s 911 center will always be done manually, never without your knowledge.
    2. Your incident data will be stored in your database located at your local fire station.
    3. You are responsible securing and backing up your database.
    4. Data Demon does not backup or retain your data.


    Data Sharing

    1. Your incident data will not be automatically sent to NFIRS (National Fire Reporting System).
    2. Sending your incidents to NFIRS will always be done manually, never without your knowledge.
    3. NFIRS will reply through email that they have received your incidents.
    4. Data Demon will never share your data with any other agency.


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