A report wizard that can create detailed reports of the department as a whole or per individual on items as listed below. The report wizard has made all the information readily accessible for review and discussion as well as keeping track of department business.

  • Detailed incident report.
  • Annual or monthly incident summary list.
  • Summary and total by incident type
  • Summary of incidents by month, weekday, and time of day.
  • Membership roster- name, address, home phone, work phone, cell, and email address.
  • Membership mailing labels.
  • Membership gear and equipment in inventory.
  • Member certification and training records.
  • Member qualifications to drive apparatus or operate specialized equipment.
  • Monthly calender of events.
  • Attendance of incidents, drills, meetings, training, fundraisers, etc.
  • Department points tracker.
  • Annual comprehensive LOSAP report.
  • Summation of OSHA training hours by category and annual total.
  • Length of service awards
  • Annual top responders list.
  • EMT, CFR, CPR, driver`s license, physical, and mask fit test expiration report.
  • Monthly and annual average response time report.
  • Station and truck equipment inventory.
  • SCBA inventory including in house and outside vendor maintenance and cost tracking.
  • Air cylinder inventory including maintenance and hydro due dates
  • Apparatus and equipment monthly and annual maintenance reports.
  • Fuel usage and type, totaled by vehicle monthly and annually.
  • Estimated municipal water usage summary and total.
  • ISO first alarm structure fire responce.
  • ISO annual firefighting drill and training hours.
  • And many more.

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